“Adolescence is a period of rapid changes.  Between the ages of 12 and 17,
for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years.”  ~ Parent Unknown



September 24 to October 23 

“But it's all right now. I learned my lesson well.

You see, you can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself.”

-- Rick Nelson “Garden Party”

What astrological sign was first in line when they were handing out fabulous looks and so much charm it wasn’t cosmically legal? Yes, Libra epitomizes Prince and Princess Charming who seem to anyone looking -- and everyone usually is -- to have it all. So, when do Libran problems arise? Just as they do with most teens . . . when you’re not looking!

This sign’s astrological symbol is the balance scales. Throughout life Librans search for lasting balance and harmony; a quest only slighter more challenging than finding a turtleneck in Janet Jackson’s wardrobe! When, life inevitably gives Librans an unexpected shove, they’re thrown off balance and struggle to recover their equilibrium. The best way to help them regain their footing is to create harmony at home. Is your teen’s home life as soothing as a heavyweight training ring, with frequent bouts of yelling and dis-harmony? If so, the stress may eventually manifest on a physical level, and he or she can actually become sick.  To ward off that possibility, lets take a closer look at what tips those imaginary balance scales.

Tipping the scales . . .

One side of the scales is heavily laden with the qualities you love: the value Libra places on relationships, their ability to compromise in an argument -- something their polar opposite Aries would label surrender to the enemy! Libra’s fear of losing harmony further develops innate diplomatic skills. They are masters of tact, negotiation, arbitration and peacekeeping (these talents helped Libra Gandhi win a victory over an empire!) The scales are further tipped by their profound aesthetic sense. It’s true that Libra tends to be a wee bit lazy, (like Paul McCartney is a wee bit musical!) but never when it comes to creating beautiful surroundings. Once in college, they stun everyone by transforming the dorm with nothing more than flair, imagination and two trips to the Salvation Army.

Finally, heaped with Libra’s intrinsic charm, elegance, diplomatic skill and strong sense of justice, (which gives birth to many a lawyer and judge) the scale is ready to overflow. With all these outstanding attributes, what could possibly be on the other side? Simply all the turmoil that spills over when relationships fail, harmony isn’t achieved, life looks as tacky as a lime shag carpet, and diplomatic skills still can’t prevent an un-civil war!

And they lived happily . . .

Unlike Aries, who can often be self-centered, Libra thinks in terms of we. They are born partners, and even while waddling in their Huggies, little Librans are yearning for the perfect union. So exactly how does Libra fantasize this relationship? Fantasize is the operative word, because until some life experiences have been digested, it’s a Hollywood fantasy, complete with background music and slow fade-outs. For young and romantic Libra, life is just that lime shag carpet without it.  How do they plan to manifest the fantasy? With another Hollywood myth of course  – looking hot enough to attract it, snare it and keep it forever.  In short, having enough glitter to attract the gold!

It’s all in the packaging  . . .

Libra shares its planetary ruler Venus with the sign of Taurus. However, where the Bull desires to possess the costly, the rare and the beautiful – Librans often desire to become works of art that others want to possess.


Do these teens risk becoming fashion victims? Being obsessed with the superficial? Desiring to please so much they risk selling themselves out? The answer to all of the above is a definite maybe, and more than maybe if vanity turns into conceit . . . conceit turns into narcissism . . . and Librans, turn to mirrors to gauge their worth. This behavior is too often a preamble to teen eating disorders such as bulimia where large amounts of food are gorged and then purged, with the help of vomiting, laxatives or diuretics (water pills). Hopefully, you have already diminished the possibility of this ever happening by reinforcing a healthy perspective on the body beautiful. I mean, does your teen feel just as proud of his or her smarts and talents as biceps or bra size? If you suspect an intense fear of gaining weight that has your teen resorting to the dangers of binging and purging, don’t hesitate to get immediate professional advice.


Although Libra is an Air sign, never confuse that with being an airhead! This sign has intellectual potential which grows and blossoms in the right environment. However, if that good-looking Libra head isn’t filled with something other than romantic illusion, you have a prime candidate for a teen obsessed with appearance, and pursuing mythic Hollywood relationships with the intensity of a celebrity stalker.


Until maturity dawns, Libra will remain convinced that happily ever after is always just around the corner; at the high school prom, the college dorm, the office water cooler, or . . . definitely before Social Security! This thinking – or lack of it – puts Libra among leading casualties for marrying too early and too often.


“I have not always loved wisely,” the once ultimate sex symbol, and multi-married Libra Bridgette Bardot reminisced, ”but I was so young. “


Why are partnerships so important in Libran lives? Because this sign rules the seventh house in the zodiac – the house of relationships. It’s why they want relationships. It’s why they breathe relationships. It’s why they will do anything to keep relationships. Oops! I think we have just tripped over a Libran stumbling point.


Aiming to please . . .

It’s the Libran desire to please, to keep everyone happy, to maintain harmony, that leads into high voltage areas with no “danger” signs posted. This brings us back -- as it always does -- to the importance self-esteem plays. Only a vital sense of Self allows us to say “no thanks” when being pressured into an unwise action. Without it, Libra risks becoming someone who just can’t say no . . . someone who might spend adult years paying for a misplaced teenage,

“Well, okay . . . if you want me to . . .”

Hopefully, the lines of communication between you are wide open. Even if there’s a bit of static on the line, don’t stop trying to get through. When you do communicate, talk about my chapter on Virgo and the reflections on“ Love Thyself Properly,” because this concept of healthy self-love is vital for all teens – and especially yours. Yes, I agree with Libra John Lennon when he sang all you need is love, but what about self-love? It might be a harder lyric to write, but it’s a harder life to live without it.


Ask your teen’s view on healthy doses of self-love. Do they think it’s a necessity before trying to please anyone else?  What do they love about themselves? What are they most proud of in their own character? If all sound in the room stops for the next 15 minutes, Libra may have a problem. It may be time to start feeding his or her sense of Self, so that’s it’s fat and healthy. Then, like an insurance policy, it can be called on for protection at any time; especially when they feel the desire for romance (remember, after Huggies come huggies!) That’s when the pressure to please becomes physical as well as emotional -- and it can become overwhelming. So the goal is to encourage a giant step towards becoming his or her own person. 

(This excerpt is followed by the chapter: “Power To Parents” which lets you find your own Moon sign, and learn how to better nurture and communicate with your teen.)