“Love is not love, without


a violin-playing goat."

          --- Julia Roberts



Sex & Capricorn

What makes the above quote by Julia Roberts so delicious is that the symbol for our earth sign Capricorn is indeed the goat. Was the Pretty Woman in love with a Capricorn? Did she just like the imagery of a goat playing the fiddle? We’ll never know, but we can imagine that as a passionate Scorpio, Julia might well have grazed with a few celebrity goats in her time.

Nowhere to go but up . . .

Since we’re talking about Hollywood stars, two Capricorns come to mind who really personify the attributes of this Saturn-ruled sign. Cary Grant and Faye Dunaway. They seem to be the essence of people in control. Not a hair out of place. Not a move that isn’t calculated to charm. Their eyes clearly focused on the top of the mountain, and with the surefootedness and stubborn determination of the goat, they arrived at their destination in style. Yes, Capricorns know where they’re going, and they’re very choosy about who they invite along for the climb.

I mentioned that Capricorns can project (whether real or not) the essence of control because unlike signs who might try for control in a relationship with passive-aggressive behavior, or anger, or word games, or jealousy or you-name-it in the list of immature behavior. . . our Capricorn males and females simply assume control as their natural birthright.

Astro-psychologists equate Capricorns with the developmental phase of ages fifty-six to sixty eight. This is the time when the last run on the ladder to success is within sight. When they’re at the height of their powers and tasting the sweet success of achievement.

Of course, if they don’t taste success, then life can turn sour and depression takes over. That’s a Capricorn downfall that we will discuss later --  and it can send them tumbling down the side of the mountain.

Sex and the status seeker. . .

The mature Capricorn male or female is great “marriage material.” They know how to assume responsibility, commit themselves for the long haul, and realize that a mixture of sex and love is the most potent aphrodisiac. However, in the less than mature goat (male or female kids), their desire for success, authority and control can translate into being very status conscious about their bed-mates. In his younger years, even social climbing Cary romanced and married a few socialites -- including Barbara Hutton, the world-famous heiress to the Woolworth fortune. “You can love a rich girl as well as a poor girl,” was probably coined by a Capricorn mama.

Capricorn females on their way up the social ladder, often put a strong importance on how much money a potential mate has, or just how much he can help advance her career, or just how much he or she will impress others, or. . .well, you get the idea and it can be summed up in two words: how much?

A friend of mine, in love with a Capricorn female, is aware of how much pleasure his lover takes in bragging about his accomplishments to her friends. The only problem is the titles he earned were a long time ago. He wants her to be proud of him for the person he is now, not for the mover and shaker he was, but his lover is still too insecure to do that. You see, some baby Capricorns need to bask in the reflection of their mates, whether that reflection glows because of Woolworth fortune, business status, great looks etc. The message is: somebody outstanding is in love with me, and that makes me somebody.

What’s the hurry? . . .

Once they fall in love, both sexes are very cautious. They’re not about to rush into anything and they take the time making sure it’s the real thing. You date. You fall in love. They love you back. You date some more. You want a commitment. Capricorn wants more time. You begin to worry that you’ll be serving Geritol cocktails at your engagement party. Have faith, because one day (around the age of maturity), your cautious Capricorn will realize that love doesn’t come with a guarantee. They will be ready to commit to you body and soul.